Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions is a family owned and operated business that believes that Fur-bearing animals should be managed by licensed Fur Managers.

Only a licensed fur-manager has the equipment and the necessary training and MNRF approval to remove and/or dispatch this type of wildlife.

In partnership for over 20 years, Ed and David have a passion for wildlife. They believe in wildlife management for both conservation and the benefit of both humans and animals. They believe that part of our job as good steward of the planet is to manage populations so that eco-systems are in balance. Over-population of any animal is cruel and inhumane to that animal.

Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions has offices in the City of Kawartha Lakes and Pointe au Baril, Ontario.

Ed Skrabek

Wildlife Control Specialist, Canine Handler & Structural Exterminator

Ed is a licensed wildlife control specialist (licensed by the MNRF as a Fur Manager), a certified instructor for the Ontario Fur Management Course. Ed holds a Certificate of Completion as a Goose Control Handler and has completed the Ontario Problem Black Bear Management Course. In addition he is certified with NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association). Ed is also licenced with MOE as a Structural Exterminator.

Ed is an active member of Ontario Fur Managers Federation, Ducks Unlimited Canada, and the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters.  

David Skrabek

Wildlife Control Specialist & Canine Handler

David is a licensed wildlife control specialist (licensed by the MNRF as a Fur Manager) and a Goose Control Handler.  David has a life-long interest in dogs and has raised two of his own guardian dogs to protect his flock of sheep and lambs.  The Goose control dogs are trained using David’s flock.