Picture a sweeping, manicured lawn bordering on a lovely, sand beach next to sparking, blue water.  Sound attractive?  Let’s think about an exclusive golf club with rolling hills, neatly trimmed greens, and challenging water hazards.  You’ve worked hard to attain these things and how distressing to find that when you go to enjoy them; you slip in messy, slippery, sticky Canada Goose droppings!

Canada Geese are beautiful birds but in recent years they have become unwelcome visitors of some lakeside properties.  They thrive on the protection and feeding opportunities they find in parks, near suburban wetlands, and on lawns or golf courses. Populations of urban Canada Geese are still growing. Flocks of non-migrating Canada geese have become established throughout Ontario. In urban areas, Canada geese have responded to landscape features that provide expanses of short grass for food, lack of natural predators, absence of hunting, and hand feeding by some people.

Although most people find a few geese acceptable, conflict arises when landowners are unable to deter the birds from taking up residence in the spring.  Once these geese have successfully nested once, their numbers tend to increase in future years.  As flocks grow, accumulations of droppings (a goose can produce up to a kg of droppings per day) and feathers on play areas and walkways, nutrient loading in ponds, public health concerns at beaches and drinking water supplies, aggressive behavior by nesting birds, and safety hazards near roads and airports become a concern. Geese can also damage agricultural crops and lawns by excessive grazing.

Let Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions take care of your Goose Problems.

Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions uses a combination of “hazing” with specially trained Border Collies, remote controlled boats and lasers as well as an extensive “egg oiling” program.  The dogs are given special training and they can be used as a safe and humane way to remove problem geese.  Their predator stance and crouching crawl combined with an intense gaze can quickly intimidate the geese into leaving. These dogs offer an environmentally friendly and compassionate way to manage geese.  Their instinct is to herd, not attack.  They can quickly persuade even the most stubborn geese on both land and in water that future peace can only be obtained by finding another place to live. 

If the birds have already nested, the eggs will be sterilized by coating them with non-toxic vegetable or mineral oil.  The goose will continue to incubate her eggs and no population increase will occur.