Control Method

Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions uses an Integrated Pest Control Management program.  The program contains both preventative and corrective pest management solutions. SWMS provides inspection, pest monitoring and managed product use.  SWMS’s main goal is to keep you pest free by developing a system to manage your pest issues without relying on pesticides unless absolutely necessary.  Our minimalist approach includes baiting, trapping and exclusion as our preferred solution to your pest issues.  When chemicals are used our application method targets pest areas such as feeding and nesting areas, as well as entry points. This approach eliminates the need for a broader application, in turn reducing the amount of product used and your exposure to it.

Cottages, Homes, Farms and Businesses could all potentially benefit from SWMS’s pest management solutions.  Whether you have spiders, ants, cluster flies or rodents SWMS can identify the culprits and offer a safe and effective strategy to eliminate them.  Many of these pests are not merely an inconvenience; they can pose a serious health risk to you, your children, and your pets and can also potentially damage the structure of your home or business.

Ask about our 100% chemical free program for reducing the mosquitoes around your property. Perfect for as a one time application for an outdoor event or for those who would like see those pests reduced for the entire season, we can arrange a monthly or semi-monthly treatment.


SWMS will always try to solve problems using as little chemical as possible. We choose to select products featuring superior performance with less environmental toxicity. Many of the products that SWMS uses are biodegradable and, in some cases, even less toxic than their “natural” or “organic” counterparts. 

With all interior liquid chemical sprays it is mandatory that the immediate area be vacated for four hours. It is also encouraged to keep windows open as this will accelerate the airing out process. Anyone that is pregnant, under the age of two or elderly should vacate for 24 hours.

SWMS only uses registered, Health Canada approved products. If requested, MSDS and product labels will be made available.

Protection Programs

Skrabek Wildlife Management Solutions is committed to doing what is right for your family, home, employees, business and the environment. SWMS can tailor a proactive program and personalize a service package according to your needs.  Whether it is a single visit or multiple scheduled visits SWMS will always provide you with a detailed report identifying findings, treatments completed, and recommendations for the future.